it's all getting technicalLast month saw the annual BETA International Convention come around again and this year it was clear to see how technical the Equestrian market is becoming and rightly so! Not only are we seeing developments for riders with the technical base layers and compression tights, but we are seeing new improved linings in numnahs, better supporting boots and there’s even a ‘fitbit’ for your horse!

I’m not entirely surprised by the developments, horse riding has slowly started to be recognised as a really demanding, technical sport and it’s only fitting that we treat it as such. You wouldn’t go running without the correct footwear and sporty outfit ensemble. I’m pretty sure if you went for a jog in jeans you’d be home with the talc in hand in no time!

I’m a firm believer that to perform your best you need a few things:

1. Positive mental attitude:

No one achieves their goals without thinking they can achieve them in the first place.

2. Correct attire:

If you feel good, you look good! It’s important as a horse rider we feel supported when in the saddle. I like lots of back support, a sticky secure seat and comfort, no one likes to take off their breeches and see the imprint of the stitch seam imprinted on their thighs (*worse in Summer when those shorts are calling your name). I also don’t like bulk when riding but I need to stay warm, base layers are great for this being moisture wicking and heat regulating.

The same goes for your horse! In order to perform their best they need to be comfortable, supported and protected. LeMieux’s bamboo lined numnahs are expert in wicking away sweat. Elico Memory Foam Brushing Boots are the ultimate boots for comfort, support and protection. The new Equisense Motion detector measures your horses performance and progress of his athletic development. Now that is technical!

4 reasons why LeMieux saddle cloths are a must have!

I know what you’re thinking, maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves. What happened to good old fashioned horse care and riding? Well there’s nothing wrong with that. But we have to remember how far the sport has come since all these new developments. There is a huge difference between now and 30 years ago. The massages pads, the magnetic rugs, the horse rug temperature monitor they all have a place and I really believe that every little helps.

It’s amazing how finely tuned the sport is becoming now and it’s only appropriate that we think about our training, our equipment and our attitudes in order to progress. I am really excited about where the Equestrian world is headed and look forward to seeing all the developments and learning how they can benefit us. Our horses are athletes, we are athletes. Let’s support the sport with the respect it deserves.


Sam x