Where did 2017 go?

2018… this year is going to be a big year! I’m actually really surprised how quick last year went, last time I checked it was June and we’d just opened the doors of our unique little boutique!  Time really does fly and it teaches you something….. don’t hang around, seize the moment!  It’s time to lose any regrets and grab the bull by the…. horns!

Matchy Matchy Is Still On The Rise

It’s a big year for us this year at Lofty HQ, we’ve been listening to all our wonderful customers and checking the latest trends.  So what do we think about this year?  Well as I said, it’s going to be big!  Personally, I know it’s been going for a while now, but I think matchy collections are still on the rise.  However, as beautiful as they are, horsey people are busy people and lately, when on the hunt for a new set for my boys, I’ve found they are all ‘bandage themed’.  It’s been really difficult to find a nice, elegant collection that doesn’t take all day to actually put on!

So, with this in mind, I went on the hunt!  I wanted a subtle set that was fit for purpose, looked eye catching and only took 10 minutes to fully tack up!  I’m proud to say… I did it!  We have now launched our new matchy set collections! Granted… I’ve put the odd one together with bandages included… you can’t deny bandages look beautiful, but in the real world they are a pain in the derriere!

So… without further ado…. grab the bull by the horns and embrace an elegant, and most importantly, a practical matchy set:

The Copper Collection

The Copper Collection

Got a love for chocolate?  So do I!  This stunning mocha themed collection is hard wearing, stylish and incredibly comfortable for your horse!  The saddle pad is so soft and the faux fur lining on the boots prevents irritation and oozes class, patent, shiny class!



The HKM Sports Diamond Collection (Limited Edition)

HKM Diamond Edition & Space boots

Got a feeling your horse wants to embrace his inner Unicorn? Well then this is the matchy set for you!  This beautiful limited edition saddle pad is bang on trend in deep purple teamed with holographic silver boots makes this collection pop for all the right reasons!

The Cavallino Marino Siena CollectionCavallino Marino Siena Collection

Want to embrace you inner goddess?  You can’t go wrong when wearing black, it’s elegant, stylish and doesn’t show up the dirt!  Let’s face it… the yard isn’t the cleanest of places! The Siena collection is THE go to collection for everyone! Complete with saddle cloth, front and hind boots, overreach boots and a FREE fly veil you’ll be riding high in glitter and sequins!





These collections whet your appetite?  Check out the full range on the link below and remember, there’s no such thing as sparkling too much!  Here’s to 2018!

Sam x

View the full matchy collection at https://lofthouse-equestrian.co.uk/collections/matchy-sets