Limited Edition Fuchsia SKŪP® (Not available in shops)


The SKŪP® is the only horse feed scoop with teeth on the market.  HŪF Design® is launching this stylish and practical scoop in an exciting new colour: Fuchsia.  There is only a limited number of Fuchsia SKŪPs which are not available in the shops.  Pre-order yours now before they are all snapped up!

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The SKŪP® by HŪF Design® is the only feed scoop with teeth on the market.  It was given the innovation award for horse care products and horse clothing by BETA International in 2015.

Easy to Use

  • The elongated profile makes it easy to reach into the furthest corners of the feedbin without falling in!
  • The intuitive measuring guides enable accurate and consistent portion control which means it’s better for your horse and your purse.
  • It’s made from polypropylene which is durable, food safe and recyclable so it won’t cost the Earth, literally.
  • It holds exactly the same amount as the market leader which makes it easy to follow feeding guidelines.
  • The teeth can be used as a rake to break up compacted feed without using your hands.

Easy to Store

  • It’s flat bottom means that the SKŪP® stands up.
  • The hole in the handle means it can be hung up too.

Easy to See

The SKŪP® comes in a variety of vibrant colours and the latest SKŪP® in the stable is Fuchsia.  The new Fuchsia  SKŪP® is available for pre-order now and is not available in the shops.

NB.  The actual colour may vary slightly.


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