Don’t Take Our Word For It! Here Are Our SKŪP®! Reviews

All our reviews are from independent review boards

When we contacted the Haynet office to review a new feed scoop, you do immediately wonder how a simple feed scoop could make life easier in the stable yard? A scoop is just a scoop after all? Or is it…

When I received the SKUP (super name!) I was immediately impressed by the colour and the design. At last some funky style to brighten up the feed room. My feed scoop I have had for about eleven years now but it was starting to look tired and now almost dated back to the seventies when the new SKUP was placed in the feed bin! The SKUP looks modern and up to date which sadly many stable yard products are lacking these days.

Don’t take these good looks for granted though, this SKUP has something for it teeth to sink into… Yes, your horse feed with ease! With its jagged teeth it is so easy to scoop up chaff, nuts or any mix. The SKUP particularly makes light work of chaff which can be an embedded battle to get out of the bag. Another great feature is that it is marked so you can judge how much feed to give and with its level bottom it sits comfortably on top of any hay bale.

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Gift Horse Eventing Review

A scoop, is a scoop, is a scoop, right? wrong!

Not when a scoop is a SKUP!  these guys got in touch to see if I would like to trial the SKUP and review it. To be perfectly honest at first I thought, well…. how much better than an old milk carton cut into a scoop, or the battered old Stubbs round scoop I have can this thing really be??? Putting skepticism to one side, there was only one way to find out so my Skup was popped in the post!

Straight away you can feel that this Skup will be able to take a battering, it’s robust and hard-wearing and (as I demonstrated in the kitchen to my boyfriend) in a pinch can also double up as an attractive waterproof hat (he wasn’t convinced)

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Lofthouse Equestrian Review

Product Review: SKUP: A feed scoop with teeth!

There is definitely a place for a SKUP in every horse riders feed bin. The 2015, BETA International, Innovation Award-winning scoop has made my life a lot easier down at the yard.

The integrated teeth help to break up that stubborn, compacted mix that usually takes a trowel to collect, plus it’s much better quality than a cheaper ordinary scoop, meaning it can take a ‘bit of welly’ without you worrying about broken bits of plastic in your feed bin! The only downside to this is that it is more expensive than most- the cheapest I can currently find is £8.55, however for those of us who usually buy a £1 scoop from the local supermarket, it will last a lot longer!

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Horse & Hound Review

Parallax Plastics feed SKÜP: review

This scoop holds the same amount as the standard Stubbs feed scoop and the ¼, ½ and ¾ marks are very visible so there is no need to worry that you are feeding more or less fed than usual.

The scoop is light but feels sturdy with an easy grip handle and comes in some vibrant colours and makes a bright addition to your feed room. The unique teeth really do break up sticky feed such as competition mix and molassed chaff and make it much easier to get a full scoop of feed without hacking away.