Do You Have What You Really Need?

Horse riding can be a very challenging hobby, especially when the weather isn’t exactly ‘Mediterranean’. It’s a tough ol’ sport but I would feel lost if I didn’t have to go to the yard every day. However, there are certain items in my wardrobe that I class as ‘essentials’, which if I didn’t have.. would make equestrian life a lot tougher!

1. Comfy breeches:

There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of uncomfortable breeches. As a horse rider you want to feel supported and comfortable, as well as have them look stylish and flattering whilst being ‘practical’ (I know we don’t ask for much do we?). Personally I prefer high waist breeches as they give me extra support around my back, plus I tend to lean toward silicone now instead of suede as I find it gives me extra grip when I feel I’m about to ‘take flight’. I also try to avoid breeches with velcro at the bottom of the legs.. nothing worse than wearing long riding boots and feeling the chafe of velcro on your ankle! The likes of HKM and Pikeur spring to mind when I think of my faves!

HKM bemmtex breeches in black

2.  A warm fleece:

Let’s face it, although Spring will soon be here and Summer not far behind, it’s still never going to get hot for any length of time (although I am silently praying). You’re going to need a good fleece to stave off the chill. I’ve fallen in love with Lauria Garrelli’s Scotland Windstopper Jacket. It does what it says on the tin plus it’s mega flattering with its asymmetric zip and even has a handy hood for when the wind whips round your ears!

Lauria Garrelli Windstopper jacket

3.  Decent socks:

I hate rubbish socks. It’s so irritating when they fall down or when they are too thick to go under your long riding boots. Plus there nothing worse when they are ‘holey’ after one wear and your right big toe is now stained brown for the next week! I love a good cushioned sole and a nice thin calf panel that supports your lower leg, yet is nice and easy to zip your boot over! Take Noble Outfitters Printed Peddies socks for example; funky colours, thin calf panel and a tough, hard wearing cushioned sole. Perfect. Plus they have Opti-Dry technology which is great at wicking away sweat so you avoid that ‘pongy foot’ scenario!

Noble Outfitters Printed Peddies

3.  Gloves you can actually feel the reins with:

I’m actually really particular about gloves as I think it’s so important for you to be able to feel the reins/your horse when riding. I love Roeckl as they are so soft, comfortable and they fit like a second skin. Although I’m actually liking the look of Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Gloves for everyday too. They are made from a really breathable stretch jersey fabric which makes them well ventilated and an ideal fit. They are also touch screen friendly (how else will you post to instagram?) plus they come in a funky range of colours!

Noble Outfitters gloves in mint

4.  A good hat:

I’m not talking about a riding hat (although that is EXTRMELY essential), I’m talking about your everyday hat. As Spring approaches I will most likely be living in my Sporting Hares baseball cap. Why? Well not only is it practical, it’s water repellent too! It’s actually made from suede but it has a durable water repellent membrane on it which repels water. You’ll still have hat hair (with shavings in no doubt) but at least you’ll be dry!

sporting hat and glasses

I could probably think of a ton of things that help me get through long days at the yard but I think these 5 essentials are my ‘core’ ‘must-haves’ and I’ll tell you something… I’m thankful for every one of them!

Sam x

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