By Sam Hathaway of Lofthouse Equestrian

I honestly never thought I would be a advocate of riding leggings. I’m not really a ‘leggings’ kind of person so when I noticed these were emerging on the market I never thought it would take off! Well… how wrong was I?

I must admit, this time I don’t mind being wrong, they are so comfy! You just pull them on and off you go! There is no wriggling or awkward poses as you attempt to squeezStar Light Leggingse into your breeches, no horrid tummy nip as you bend over to apply that hoof oil and find the buckle digging into your belly button! Plus they are surprisingly supportive, which I did not expect! My thighs do not wobble like I thought they would! Win!

Now I know what you’re thinking.. they won’t be flattering. I also thought this and after trying on various different types, both thick and thin ones, I was pleasantly surprised. They all offer something different so I can only urge you to give them a go. Personally I prefer the thicker variety such as HKM’s Starlight Riding Leggings with the silicone knee patch. these were very sticky, supportive and thick enough to not show your knickers line! They also come in a variety of colours and can be bought at most good tack shops, plus with prices around £44.00 they are a steal!

Another pair I’ve taken a liking to are Chillout HorChillout Horsewear Sport Line Leggings In Black Sidesewears Sport Line Leggings. These are really versatile and would not look out of place at the gym. They are the perfect crossover item! The high waistband offers plenty of support and the asymmetric seam curve around the knee gives great freedom of movement. For the busy equestrian they mean it’s one less change of clothing from the gym to the yard.. it also means less washing too! The affordable price of £28.00 a pair means you don’t have to sell a kidney to have a pair!

I’m definitely a convert to leggings now, so give them a go and experience comfort like no other!

Sam x